We advise societal leaders, professionals, and organizations strategically.

  • Health and medical products and services.
  • Health care consulting and practice profitability solutions.
  • Technological and marketing efficiencies.Ā 
  • Talent Management.

We provide results, marketing approaches, and custom programs that maximize stakeholder value.

  • Wellness programs.
  • Organizational implementation.
  • Media solutions.
  • Talent Booking.
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Dr. Eric Rydland

Founder, Dr. Rydland's Herbal Formulas, Kids Wellness

We appreciate Dr. David Nico’s vision for a healthy society and his assistance to our business development.

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Dr. Charles Parker

Founder, CorePsych, Neuroscientist, Author, Speaker

Dr. David stays up-to-date on the latest nutritional/healing information and consults with CorePysch.

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Dr. Shannon Ginnan

Founder, Medalase, Aimed Alliance

Dr. Nico has always been extremely responsive and my interactions with him give me the distinct impression that he has a high moral standard and truly cares about people.



We partner with and advise leading health, wellness, and medical organizations. Professionals often find it challenging to identify high-quality products and services that provide exceptional results.

ConsumersĀ often find it difficult to sort through the myriad of products and services on the market. They look to their health professional to help them identify the most effective health products and services.

We have researched the top science-backed products that provide evidence-based results.

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We thrive on advising innovative health and medical products and services for the benefit of humankind. We are vested in real health that leads to genuine wholeness. Some of the most important criteria include:

  • Passionate successful team.
  • Global potential.
  • Value-driven business model.
  • Early stage development and investment.
  • Media and relationship-driven.
  • Philanthropic plan.
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